Where quality meets freshness, that’s your hometown Orchard Markets produce department.

With the all-important emphasis on a healthier lifestyle, along with exercise, healthy eating is top of the list. Offering the finest in quality fruits and vegetables, the Orchard Market produce department is where healthier 6900957-cool-salad-wallpapereating begins.  Fresh fruits and vegetables can be the perfect food for lunch treats, afternoon snacks, or a delicious compliment to the main dish.

Orchard Markets produce department offers a great selection of the freshest variety of seasonal fruits and vegetables, provided by numerous local growers, as well as our year-around offerings. Our produce has the freshness and taste of a roadside farmer’s market combined with the convenience and value you have come to expect at your hometown store.

Enjoy the wonderful taste of Orchard Markets produce today, tomorrow, and everyday. Here’s to your health and five a day!